Blues-Keepers Band


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Dave Strickler, (AKA, Crawlin' Kingsnake) With Baltimore MD. Blues Society. 

Dave attended a Blueskeepers show recently...His comments:

  "I really enjoyed the band and the choice of songs. Very entertaining. I liked the ruff, gruff Howlin' Wolf style singing of Steve McGovern, and the guitar playing of Jimi-James, especially hearing slide on the dobro"



Formed in 2007...

Each member brings with them a history with all types of bands; but it is their deep love and respect for blues and soul music that has united them now. They are dedicated to playing this great American music with feeling and style... Stella LaCroix 

 At a Blues-Keepers show you will hear songs by Blues Masters like, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf and T-Bone Walker.  Also artists like, Stones, ZZ-Top, Ray Charles, James Brown...and of course some great Blues-Keepers originals.



Brice B. Sutton: Bass Guitar/Vocals

Steven (Jerome) McGovern: Harp/Vocals

Ray Anthony: Drums

Jimmy-James: Guitars,  Resonator guitar